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Protect yourself and your family financially with Pirate Chain ARRR and Physically in Safe Havens. 


Other pages on this website are about understanding the Truth about the world we live in.

The worlds most Anonymous crypto currency.

The most secure financial transactions

The most privacy focused blockchain

What is Pirate Chain (ARRR)

 The worlds most private and anonymous cryptocurrency. There are thousands of new crypto coins out there and hundreds of thousands peoples opinions on which ones are good or bad, and people make fortunes everyday trading on their up and down movements. However, in all the thousands of crypto coins, Bitcoin has always been the current leader... But Pirate Chain is already in the top 50..!. And once the masses start finding out how private and different it is from Bitcoin or when it is listed on a major exchange, it could easily soar beyond your wildest expectations. www.Pirate.black


Why learn about Crypto?

Simple answer is, because the controllers are getting rid of cash. They are already creating their own government controlled crypto (Ripple) and if you think about it, you are already using a digital form of money every time you do a bank transfer or use your ATM card. However, the big banks and governments don't like the fact that millions of people have exited the monetary control system and now use or trade in Bitcoin and the 1000's of new crypto's in the marketplace.


And it's not about becoming a millionaire... It's about survival and protecting your savings or assets from being completely wiped out. Personally I love physical Gold, but I cannot deny that putting it into Bitcoin, Monero or Pirate Chain would have been thousands of per cent better. Because today, Gold is still the same value today (more or less)  as it was 10 years ago...

Why Do We All Love Cash?

Because we don't have to pay extortion taxes on it and it is easy to use and buy things with, but the governments hate it and devise thousands of ways to tax us to death. See what happens when you earn 100K in your business or your parents pass and leave you their house in their will...! Your friendly government steps in and DEMANDS 40 - 60 % or more capital gains or inheritance tax depending on the county that you live in. So in the future... we are going to be using digital and crypto currencies whether you like it or not.



Bitcoin is the main player and expected to rise exponentially over the next 2 - 3 years, 

however, it has been infiltrated and is now being manipulated and all transactions tracked

 meaning it is now a surveillance coin


Listen to Jeff Berwick explain

Now, rather than me TRY to explain WHY Pirate Chain is going to be the next chance for the average person with very little money to capitalize on this incredible chance to get in at the beginning... I suggest you subscribe to Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante (all his podcasts are free) and listen to some of his latest podcasts where he explains why Pirate Chain is far better than Bitcoin and could potentially rise to $500 or more next year.

Pirate Chain is the cutting edge of privacy coin technology, and in the past couple weeks it has gone from 20 cents to almost $20!  It rocketed into the top 50 market cap coins on the back of news about increased capital gains taxes and crypto regulations. These violations of your financial freedom and privacy are inevitable, and so is the growing awareness of the need for privacy coins because there is no freedom or prosperity without privacy. The coin isn’t listed on major exchanges, but due to its parabolic growth in value and exposure it soon will be. Board the ship of financial freedom before it sets sail for good!

Who is Jeff Berwick?


Someone who has been giving amazing crypto advice and doing free podcasts for over 10 years and made millions in the crypto industry.


So who are you going to listen to..? 

Your mate down the pub or some idiot in a forum that is knocking Jeff, just because he's rich and flies around the world in private jets...! 

I know who I'd rather listen to...




Some of the best people to listen to are Jeff Berwick, David Icke, Max Egan and The Corbett Report 

all now censored on YouTube but you can find them ALL here


Arrr chart
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Question? Would you liked to have been given the opportunity to buy some BITCOINS for less than a pound (or dollar) just over 10 years ago...? Nobody at the time believed Bitcoin would be worth over $50,000 today... Only TEN dollars would be worth FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars today and the incredible growth has been absolutely incredible. But it's not just BITCOIN, thousands maybe tens of thousands of millionaires have been created in the new crypto currency markets.

Surveillance coin
Why not put $100 into ARRR and see what happens

I've done this for my 3 children who are not even interested in crypto. Just help them set up a wallet and send them for example 10 ARRR. Tell them not to touch it and just watch how it grows over the next year or so... They can obviously add to if they choose. But the best time to buy is NOW...!

But here is an example of how it can grow. 

10 ARRR now = $41 (17th June 2021)   or  100 ARRR = $410

If ARRR  gets to $100 = $1000                            = $10,000

If ARRR gets to $500 = $5000                             = $50,000

If ARRR gets to $1000 = $10,000                        = $100,000

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